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Music, Sex and Industry - Vol. 2
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Sibylla, born in the Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia during happier times, falls in love with a sailor who convinces her to elope with him to America. They get to Las Vegas and it turns out she had made a very bad choice. The low-life lover sells her to a pimp who forces her into prostitution. Things are gloomy in the beginning, but eventually, he gets killed and she finds herself self-employed at a classy Nevada bordello.

Eventually, she becomes the owner of The Farm as everyone likes to call the place. The Farm flourishes under her management and in addition to being a very lucrative enterprise, it also serves as a cover for some of her other activities. The aftermath of her early experiences with her nasty husband, eventually turn her into an ardent feminist That in turn, leads her to the study of the Wicca and witchcraft mystical philosophies and she becomes the leader and teacher of a coven. Her teachings are not quite orthodox, but a lot of her girls approve and stay on as prostitutes as well acolytes.

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Ernest Samuel Llime second volume of the  'Music, Sex and Industry', is still a work in progress. Here you may download chapter one of the work.